Peter McRury

Peter McRury is a Canadian artist living and working in Austin. 

When painting, he usually works towards something visually quiet, focused, and compositionally minimal rather than towards a scene or narrative. He’s primarily interested in exploring new ways to represent the figure (mostly the face) with the assistance of digital tools.

The time he spends creating his work is evenly split between the act of painting itself, mainly with an airbrush, and an iterative process of photographing works-in-progress and using photoshop to layer the photographs with elements of previous works in order to create new reference material. With this as the groundwork of his practice, he can never visualize how his paintings will turn out when he starts working, but they often retain elements of previous works as they evolve in a self-referential cycle.

The paintings, when viewed in sequence, share a common feeling of psychological force because of their shared features, and the features that thread them together make it unclear who’s who, giving them all a strange sort of collective identity.

Artist Spotlight: Peter McRury, 01.09.22 


2022 Return to Mysticism, Hasbrook Galleries, Chicago, IL (virtual group)

2022 AD ART SHOW, MvVO, Westfield World Trade, NY, NY (group)

2022 1st Online Exhibition, Artsin Square, London, UK (Virtual group)

2021 TRANSITIONS, The Holy Art, London, UK (Virtual group)